Property & Casualty Insurance

If you own or lease a car, you’re required to have auto insurance. If you own a home, you almost certainly have home insurance. If you rent an apartment, you very well may have renter’s insurance.

The question is whether you have the right coverage at the right price.

Deductibles, liability limits, optional features – property and casualty policies offer numerous options, each of which affects the benefits you receive and the price you pay for them. With our partners at NFP, we conduct a thorough analysis of your current coverage to identify potential gaps and make certain you’re being protected adequately and at a reasonable cost. Our property and casualty solutions go beyond your car and home to encompass fine art, jewelry, yachts, travel and even aircraft. What’s more, we are not tied to any one insurance provider. Rather, we take full advantage of NFP’s extensive brokerage capabilities to identify providers and products with the ability to provide you with the benefits you seek.


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Property and Casualty Insurance

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